Steve Sitkowski’s Record as an Investment Professional

January 27, 2017
He has a strong track record as author, advisor, lecturer and talk show host, but no one should be shocked that Steve Sitkowski understands the financial industry as only an experienced insider could, since his entire 25-year professional financial career has been dedicated to teaching average people how to manage investments in a way that makes their lives better and secures their future and that of their family. .

A while ago, Steve Sitkowski established the Pro Trader Institute, which he runs with a mission of showing people how to recognize the best available investment opportunities and to make power trades that fit their objectives and goals for growth. He’s shown millions the best ways to maintain of their investments, which is what gives traders the confidence to trade with the best of them. Steve Sitkowski is a Registered Investment Advisor and a Certified Financial Planner, but he also has licenses in real estate and as a mortgage broker, in addition to his securities license. He has earned a reputation as someone who “tells it like it is,” which he earned when he hosted his own radio show. He has also given many lectures, which have been heard by millions worldwide.

Steve Sitkowski Can Help You Financially

July 20, 2016
Steven Sitkowski is highly regarded author, advisor, lecturer and talk show host, who understands the financial industry from the perspective of an experienced insider. He can manage to do that because he has been inside the financial industry for more than a quarter century and his wide range of experience. Steve has not only held licenses in real estate, insurance, securities and as a mortgage broker, but he has also been a Registered Investment Advisor and a Certified Financial Planner.

One reason audiences are attracted to Steve Sitkowski is because of his lectures, books and radio show, as well as his consulting services, which demonstrate a strong communications style. Through these various outlets, Steven has provided millions with the education, tools and support they need to make it through the financial system, so that they can provide themselves with a solid financial future. By showing his clients how they can maintain total control over their investments, he creates in them the confidence to make the best decisions when it comes to power trading options. Though he’s already helped millions with his knowledge, he has no plans to stop until he's helped millions more.